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Who We Are

Afrogrunge is inspired by the personal experiences of its founder Anita Hlazo. She experienced what it felt like to be a female of colour whom strongly identified with a lifestyle less travelled.

She experimented with her identity by combining her black culture with her interest in the Caucasian-established subculture Grunge within her black community. Due to the lack of acceptance or understanding of how she expressed herself through clothing, body modification to the genre of music she listened to, she was driven by need to fit in, or at least see individuals like her on the internet, without the using the broad search term ‘alternative black girl’ which resulted in a broad spectrum of subcultures adopted by people of colour and not grunge specifically. She documented her way of dress, her self-expression for when other people for colour were to search for this multi-cultural inspired identity, they could find it globally through the internet.

She understood through her personal explorations that when exploring alternative cultures it means adopting a way of dress. As a black woman, colour is not the only thing that hinders the exploration of other sub-cultures, but the difficulty in expressing oneself without the able-bodied expectation. Grunge is usually advertised on thinner, able-bodied girls making it harder to embrace the sub- culture’s style without being ridiculed if one does not fit into that scale of size. With that bared in mind, the design intention is to tackle solutions that will allow the same comfort to be provided to able-bodies on non-able-bodied people without compromising design details.

Her aim is to use clothing and social media as the main medium of expression where people of colour may celebrate being different and that celebration being accepted more so seen more and understood moreShe hopes to create new bridges that are comfortable to walk in when expanding cultural leisure. Afrogrunge is here to colour outside the solid lines of what accounts for genuine blackness within fixed boundaries and giving space to woman or girls who naturally step out of their boundaries without being associated with the negligence of their blackness in venturing into aesthetics and styles or music outside the generally believed or recognized to be correct ones.

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